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Fountaingrove Real Estate Properties

Fountaingrove real estate refers to a lofty region of Santa Rosa, California that was founded as a utopian society by Thomas Lake Harris in 1875 on 2000 acres of vineyards. Fountain grove is known best for the elevation of its residents, along with their palatial hilltop homes that provide breathtaking views of Santa Rosa and surrounding Sonoma County. The Round Barn built by Harris still marks the place that he intended to become heaven on earth. Today, Fountaingrove is perhaps better known as a sky farm for real estate. Always work with a local real estate agent who is familiar with the geography and topography when purchasing on a hilltop.

Fountaingrove Parkway is essentially a private highway for Fountaingrove residents, slicing over the rolling hills and providing quick access to Highway 101, Downtown, or beautiful northeast Santa Rosa. When our family lived in Rincon Valley, we would choose to drive this long way home just to avoid the traffic lights and watch the sunset. We have many happy friends living in Fountaingrove, some of whom are also real estate agents.

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