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Reviews & Testimonials

Bialkin Realty Reviews Real Estate Agent Testimonials, REALTOR®, Mortgage Loan Officer, Business Broker Associate

“Robert at Bialkin Realty is the best! He has helped us many times as our real estate agent. He landed and negotiated my commercial lease in Santa Rosa. I’ve never met someone who picks up their phone or answers emails so quickly. Plus, he is the nicest guy. I’ve also never met a realtor who was also a lawyer AND a loan officer! He knows his stuff. He is definitely much more professional than many other real estate agents we have worked with in the past. He is super smart and you will be glad that he is on your team. We will be calling him when we are ready to buy our next property in Sonoma County. Highly, highly, recommended. Thanks again, Robert!”

by Cheerful Commercial Real Estate Agent Client

“Robert Bialkin stepped up and helped when my family was faced with a difficult and time-sensitive issue after our father’s passing. He was attentive and prompt, devoting his full attention to our complicated legal matters. The combination of his legal and real estate knowledge was also very helpful in our case. Robert was affordable, easy to work with and left us feeling taken care of during an otherwise unpleasant situation. I would definitely recommend Robert, and would use him again myself for either legal or real estate counsel in the Sebastopol or Santa Rosa area.”

by Elated Estate Planning Attorney Client

“I recently spoke with Robert concerning a bankruptcy issue. He got back to me immediately with answers and I truly appreciated his honest and direct approach to my situation. Although I could not proceed with my particular situation, I felt he had confidence, strength, and integrity that surpass many. I would highly recommend him for your legal issues.”

by Blissful Bankruptcy Attorney Client

“I would highly recommend Robert Bialkin as a bankruptcy attorney to anyone considering to file. I filed under Chapter 7, and just had my court appearance today, so it’s all finished. Robert is very knowledgeable, professional, and easy to work with. He made the whole process from beginning to end very straightforward and understandable. To anyone thinking about filing or wondering if you should, you won’t go wrong depending on Robert’s expertise.

by Blithe Bankruptcy Attorney Client

“I recently have started looking for a home in the Sebastopol and Santa Rosa area and have had the luxury of leaning on Robert’s expertise in this area. He offers more than just good advice, he answers all your questions to their fullest extent and makes follow up calls or invites you in for a sit down even if you may not be a perspective client. He was more like a friend helping you navigate through the blur of real estate rather then an agent looking for a business opportunity. I highly recommend his services, you won’t be disappointed.

by Pleased Real Estate Agency Client

“Robert’s real estate knowledge was incredibly helpful to me regarding insight into areas of home renting within the Sebastopol/Santa Rosa area. He is very accessible and has a knack for treating you as a priority. I completely recommend him for areas concerning real estate law.”

by Merry Real Estate Agent Client

Robert Bialkin stepped up and helped when my family was faced with a difficult and time-sensitive issue after our father’s passing. He was attentive and prompt, devoting his full attention to our complicated legal matters. His real estate knowledge was also very helpful in our case. Robert was affordable, easy to work with and left us feeling taken care of during an otherwise unpleasant situation.”

by Grateful Estate Planning Client

“Once again Robert Bialkin helped me, this time to find commercial real estate to lease in Santa Rosa. So far Robert helped my friend as a bankruptcy attorney, helped me as a real estate attorney, and is now helping me as a real estate agent. Robert is the sweetest guy and negotiates the best deals for me! He is a one stop shop. His profile even says he is a personal injury attorney which he never bothered to mention. This guy is amazing and I recommend him all the time. Always answers to my calls and responds so quick to my emails and questions. I’ll be back! Thank you Robert!”

by Chipper Commercial Real Estate Agency Client

“We visited Robert at his office in Santa Rosa. I know he was originally a bankruptcy and real estate attorney but he was also really helpful with my mom’s estate planning. Sounds like he is now also a real estate agent. I recommend Robert to all my friends, coworkers, and family members for legal services they might need. He has been extremely helpful and we appreciate him.”

by Thankful Real Estate Attorney Client

“I used Robert for legal advice regarding tenants rights with renting a home. Not only was Robert extremely pleasant to work with, his knowledge of the industry was outstanding. I would definitely use Robert again and I would recommend him to others.”

by Relieved Real Estate Attorney Client

“Robert Bialkin helped us find a home in the part of Santa Rosa we wanted to live. With his expertise, our offer was accepted at $20,000 UNDER asking price in a “seller’s” market.

by Flush Real Estate Agency Client

“We had a great experience with Mr. Bialkin. He met us on a Sunday as we had some urgent papers to sign and return. He was thoughtful and provided excellent service at a reasonable cost. All our paperwork was completed successfully and without a hitch. We will definitely use him when we decide to purchase a house in the area. Excited to see that he does both Real Estate and is a mortgage broker!”

by Nestled New Homeowner

“I used Robert Bialkin as a bankruptcy attorney when I filed for Chapter 7. The entire process (from first walking in his front door to actually sitting in the court house and having my case discharged) took less than two months. He literally could not have made the process any easier. I really appreciated how he was prepared, thorough, and confident through the entire process. It was fast, efficient, and the judge was familiar with his work. Many other debtors spent a loooooong time up there being interrogated (which to me, was the “scariest” part)…however, when it was my turn, I was only asked a few questions and then my case was discharged. Mr. Bialkin does a lot of the organizational work up front so that the judge is able to quickly read, assess, and discharge your case. No humiliation, no uncomfortable questioning, no uneasy anxiety! Robert Bialkin was very communicative with me throughout the entire process, and he was always available to answer my phone calls and emails. His website has fool-proof instructions that make filing a breeze. If you are considering filing for for Chapter 7, just DO IT! I can’t believe I waited as long as I did to take this burden out of my life. Oh, and the greatest part is–he also does real estate, so when you *are* ready to buy a house, he can totally help you out! Thank you, Mr. Bialkin for doing such a great job with my case! Much appreciated!!! :)”

by Contented Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Client

“We had an excellent and painless experience with Mr Bialkin. We had a set of unique and challenging issues that was handled with the utmost courtesy, respect and diligence. Very nice, professional and answered every question we had. If needed again I would not hesitate to contact him.

by Convivial Client

“I called Robert to speak with him about a possible eviction and he gave me some very good advice free of charge. Mr. Bialkin didn’t hesitate to try and put my worries at ease. I will defiantly contact him if I am ever in need of an attorney.”

by Relieved Real Estate Lawyer Client

“Robert was very helpful, answered questions, even reached out to others to help in my situation. He is very professional and I recommend him highly and would use him again.

by Light-hearted Loan Officer Client

“Had a pleasant experience with Mr. Bialkin. He was polite, knowledgeable, and he solved my problem at a reasonable rate. Thank you again Mr. Bialkin for all your help.”

by Sparkling Santa Rosa Attorney Client

“In researching a lawyer on the internet, the reviews of Robert Bialkin are what drew me to choose him. The reviews are worthy of him – he made me feel at ease, was always available, made a complicated and hard circumstance feel less stressful and even easy. He genuinely wants you to be taken care of, to feel like whatever you came to him for was handled with grace, and was always kind and generous. Thank you for helping me step away from this experience with a lighter and happier step.“

by Sprightly Santa Rosa Lawyer Client

Once again I visited Robert Bialkin because I needed a real estate attorney in Santa Rosa. He was fast and very effective. Before you invest in Sonoma County real estate, I recommend that you give Robert a call. He does more than just bankruptcy law. Hands down the best and friendliest lawyer I have worked with.”

by Jovial Real Estate Agent Client

The best lawyer in Santa Rosa. Very patient. Professional. The process would have been much more stressful had he not explained from the start how everything would go. Honest and even trust worthy. Extremely satisfied that Robert was our Lawyer!”

by Feeling Fortunate

“Robert is great, he took a moment of his time to give me some advice. I needed help understanding some of the wording on a contract took him 5 minutes to answer my question over the phone. And didn’t even charge me for his service great guy paying it forward I know who I’m going to if I ever need legal assistance.”

by Grateful Gratis

“I had the best experience with Robert’s services and I’m glad I have chosen him among a total of four very good lawyers I visited. He exceeded all my expectations. Robert is extremely professional, knowledgeable and friendly and his attributes translated the positive outcome of my case. He went an extra mile to win my business and I did appreciated that. He kept in touch throughout the whole process which gave the assurance I was in the right hands. All was done very smoothly and in a timely manner. He’s also part of a vast network of lawyers in all areas of the law so, if you are looking for a lawyer, whatever the case might be, Robert Bialkin is the one to be called upon. Highly recommended.”

by Choosy Client

“After three years of struggling with the aftermath of my divorce, I decided to seek professional advice. Robert was recommended to me so I made the appointment. Within minutes with Robert I could see a better future and a remedy to my financial problems as I had old debt and a weak credit score. I filed chapter 7 less than six months ago. Today my debt is gone and my credit score increased 72 points to the fair range. Robert listens and is knowledgeable. I thank him for my new life!


“I came to Robert with some questions about a bankruptcy. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to law. He answered all of my questions like a true professional. Come to find out I did not need to file for bankruptcy at this time saving me tons of money which I appreciate very much. I was so impressed with the skills and professionalism of Robert that when it came time to turn my growing business into a corporation he was the first one that came to mind. Yet again he did not let me down. Handled the whole thing in a timely manner and at a great price. Thanks again Robert for all your hard work. I will definitely refer Robert to any of my friends or family in need of his services including myself in the future.”


“Robert Bialkin helped us through a difficult bankruptcy. He is trustworthy, knowledgeable and with you every step of the way. He answers phone calls and emails in a timely manner. He is friendly and understanding. If you need a bankruptcy attorney we highly recommend Robert Bialkin.”


Robert made it extremely easy. There was really little I had to do. He clearly explained everything and was always prompt in answering any questions. Great guy and very connected. A++ will recommend to any friends and family. Very happy.”


“I highly recommend Robert ! He was very professional and made this process seamless. Robert was always available for my questions and concerns. Made me feel at ease during every step of this process. His ability to anticipate everything was priceless. He is a great attorney and I thank him!!”


“When we went to Robert we had already been looking for an attorney for several weeks to help us with our bankruptcy. We even had one hour-long interview with another attorney in town who asked us a ton of questions but then ran out of time just as we wanted to ask him questions about the procedure. We left with more questions than answers and an uncomfortable feeling about his skills.

Then we saw Robert Bialkin’s website which was upbeat, professional and specific as to procedure, so we met with him. He was the opposite of the first attorney and gave us quick, complete answers to all our questions and the time to explain our needs. He had such a pleasant “bedside manner” that when we left our very first meeting we went out to breakfast to celebrate finding someone we were confident could do the job! And just as Robert promised, things went quickly, smoothly and painlessly and we’re now back on track, on the road to financial recovery. Highly recommended!”


“I want to say a few words about a man I met a few years ago. I needed to help a good friend of mine, and I went to the Council on Aging and found they knew a wonderful bankruptcy lawyer that I could contact for help, Robert Bialkin. So since the woman I was helping did not know how to get help herself, I did it for her. Little did I know what an impact he would have on her, me, and other people I met along the way that needed someone in their corner. And sometimes that corner is not very big and it is tight and painful. Along comes Mighty Mouse, well, you know what I mean.

What Robert Bialkin did for my friend made her life so much better. He was wonderful with her and patient and understanding of her needs. Next, my roommate was having a hard time, and so I mentioned Robert to him, but he felt it would not work for him, but would think about it. He did think about it, spoke to Robert, and really, Robert saved him from so much more anxiety that was facing him, and gave him peace of mind. I think he called Robert something like a dream come true, because he thought about going bankrupt, but felt it just would not help him. Oh, how it helped him. He wrote some great things about Robert.

I also found a woman in my park that I did not know very well, and one day we spoke to each other and she told me she was having a terrible time, and did not know what to do. So, I asked her how she felt about getting rid of the problems about money and debt she had, and she jumped at it, but kind of held back, because older people just do not want to go too far with things like debt and how it looks to even consider help in this area. She got in touch with him and he helped her out and she is so much better now. Not crying anymore.

And I too needed help, but with something else, and did not know where to go, and so I called Robert. He said he could help me, and help me he did. From that encounter he told me he was starting up referrals for people and would I be interested in letting people know. I just said, give me the banner and I will parade down town and sing…well, he doesn’t need that, but listen here is someone you can call, get answers from, he will help you with so many legal advice things you can’t even think of, and keep you happy and satisfied while doing it. Tell your friends, family, really, this man can help you. Also, he is a family man, he cares where other people just feel you are a number and nameless. He is a friend, someone you can trust. So I am happy to know him. He takes his time with you, and is there to help. He will not take you for a ride, unless you need one, and will point you in the right direction if he himself cannot help you. What more could you want? NO, he did not have to pay me to say any of this, well, I did have to give him one of my kids…so please do not go without knowing what to do and get a migraine, just talk to Robert Bialkin and no matter what, he will try and fix what it is you need fixed. And if he cannot fix it, he will find someone who can!”


“Robert was incredibly patient and helpful through my entire bankruptcy! As a student with two jobs and working out of state for one of those, I was a bit difficult to work with. He gave me easy ways to get a hold of him and made a point of answering my questions and concerns at odd hours when I needed them most and could fit them into my hectic schedule. I would gladly refer all of my family and friends to him for any law needs. Once I finally did meet him in person, he was very charming and helped me feel at ease about the court process. I appreciated his knowledge and ability to address any concerns that I had throughout the whole process.”


“Robert was very accommodating with our initial appointment and met us on a Sunday. Since day one of meeting Robert he has made us feel at ease and alleviated our stress during these difficult times. He has increased our knowledge and given us very helpful direction in resolving our financial situation. He even stopped a judgment against us that was garnishing my wife’s wages!!!! His easy payment plan is very helpful in these times when money is tight. We would and have recommended his services to our friends and family in need of his services. He is a very professional, knowledgeable, kind, and most down to earth lawyer we have ever met. Robert is an amazing guy and we are very grateful to him for helping us get a fresh start.”


Robert is very knowledgeable and very affordable!!! He has made my experience easy and was great to deal with. When contacting him to meet, he would make time as soon as possible. He listened to my issues and made me feel very comfortable. He handled everything very professionally and couldn’t be happier with my experience. Thanks Again, Robert.”


“Thank you so very much for all your excellent help and being so compassionate and professional at such a difficult time in my life. You made the ordeal of Bankruptcy understandable and not nearly so scary and complex. Your professional attitude and handling of this major event in my life went way above the customary, and you are truly a credit to your profession. A simple thank you feels so small for my peace of mind.”


Robert was great, taking me on short notice with a Real Estate question that hopefully with his advice won’t turn into a problem. He was knowledgeable and very informative. Will definitely go back if the situation escalates.”


“I highly recommend Robert Bialkin. He is exceptional in his field. That is why I decided to yelp. Robert Bialkin went beyond my expectations. I am very grateful to him, for his professionalism, competence and proficiency.


“Robert was very friendly and easy to work with. He definitely knows what he doing. Would recommend him in a second.


“Having to go through a bankruptcy is extremely stressful; but Robert is highly knowledgeable and very helpful. After our first meeting with him we knew that we had chosen the right attorney for us. He put us at ease right away, we felt comfortable and confident in his abilities. Hopefully, we, or anyone we know will never have to go through anything like this. But… if we do, we definitely know who to call. I would highly recommend that you contact Mr. Bialkin if you are having financial difficulties and there seems like there is no hope. We HIGHLY recommend Robert Bialkin!!!”


“We would like to give our wholehearted recommendation to attorney Robert Bialkin. Having arrived at the realization that bankruptcy was necessary in order to resolve a difficult financial situation, we felt stressed, confused, and apprehensive. The prospect of the whole bankruptcy process struck us as an inordinately complex and painfully humbling ordeal. We reached out to Mr. Bialkin, who listened to us not only attentively, but also with patience, understanding, and respect. His consistent guidance through the entire process–from the initial interview to our day in court–was caring, knowledgeable, and quite well organized. Overall, the bankruptcy process went smoothly and expeditiously for us, thanks to Robert Bialkin, and we are now on the road to financial recovery.”


“When I finally came to grips with the fact that I had to file for bankruptcy, the next hurtle was finding an attorney. I networked and discovered that it would not be inexpensive. In coming across Robert’s name, the term “sliding scale” popped out and led me to call him. WOW! He answered the phone and completely took the worry away. When I hung up the phone, I felt like a million bucks because of his manner and concern for my situation. If you are not sure about who to hire, hire Robert Bialkin. If you think you can do the bankruptcy yourself, hire Robert Bialkin. If you need someone who understands and will work with your finances, hire Robert Bialkin. He is knowledgeable, compassionate, responsive, and will be alongside you for every step of the process. Thank you, Robert, for getting me through a very difficult time.”


“Exceptional service! Robert is not only very knowledgeable in his profession, he’s well organized and compassionate. When I walked into his office, he immediately eased my fears of bankruptcy and proceeded to explain the process in depth in a way that was understandable. The whole experience was precise, speedy, and accurate. There was absolutely no missed step in the entire process. I highly recommend him to anyone who may be faced with a bankruptcy situation. As far as my rating score, I never give a 5-star rating, as i feel it’s such an abused rating. His service is definitely 5-star!!!


Everything went just as Robert explained it would, very knowledgeable, professional lawyer. Always had time to talk, and walk me though the process. Made sure everything was right on. I would highly recommend Robert to anyone. In my opinion you would be hard-pressed to find a better lawyer.”


“I am a senior living on Social Security who found himself overwhelmed by credit debt that I was unable to cope with. I’ve had the pleasure of securing the very affordable and effective services of Mr. Robert Bialkin, to act as lawyer on my behalf in my recent bankruptcy case. He has made it easy and affordable to represent my case in Federal Bankruptcy Court by counseling me and helping me sort out the complex paperwork and filing fees. He was able to attain free filing (due to my poverty level income) and charged me well below average fees for his services. Not only was I helped with affordable case fees, I was treated with kindness and respect throughout the counseling services by Robert and his staff. I am very much relived and pleased with his valuable and timely service, on my behalf, to be unburdened of debt and get my life back on track. Thanks to the Law Office of Robert Bialkin.”


“Robert was excellent! He was very patient & knowledgeable to all of my mothers questions. I would highly recommend him to everyone in need of legal advice. My family will use him again in the future!


“I will absolutely refer people to Robert Bialkin, as I am very happy with the way he handled my bankruptcy. I am truly amazed at how fast things went and how he assured me the ease of this process and it was very much so. All I have to say is INTEGRITY. This is a good Lawyer…restored my faith in lawyers!


Robert was the best lawyer ever. He was always a step ahead of where we needed to be. He answered his phone ALL of the time and most of all made me feel like everything was going to be okay. I feel very fortunate to have had him working for me.”


“I met Robert Bialkin through the legal services offered by the Council on Aging in Santa Rosa. The fee for the initial consultation was $40, which I forgot and he made no mention of. We had a subsequent meeting and again he did not ask for any money. He also counseled me in phone conversations and emails. Again, the subject of money or a bill for services rendered did not come up. Finally, I had to ask him what I owed him. His bill was more than fair, at about half what I had expected. As it turned out, my situation changed and Robert referred me to someone he felt could better serve me. But my legal problems had been extremely stressful, which became clear to Robert, and he was still concerned about me. He called on several occasions just to see how I was doing and to offer help in any way. I’m 65 years old, and have had my share of lawyers, but none have been like Robert Bialkin. He got into his profession for the right reason — to be of service. Helping people is his first concern, not how much money can he make. I could not be happier with Robert and wholeheartedly recommend him 100%. He is the best. If you have a legal problem, I suggest you call Robert. You will be treated fairly and with respect, and if he feels someone else could better serve you, he will refer you to that person. If you start with Robert Bialkin you can’t go wrong.”


“I am so thankful for the help and guidance I received from Robert Bialkin at the time I needed to declare bankruptcy. I lost my home, my income, and had to move while dealing with large credit card debt, a bank lawsuit and large dental bills. Robert Bialkin directed me to credit counseling where I learned how to budget a low fixed income and to handle most of my expenses in a cash system. It’s a new start in unfamiliar territory and I’m grateful to have a guide like Robert Bialkin.


“Mr. Robert Bialkin is an excellent lawyer. He treated my mother and myself with the utmost respect. He always returned my calls and emails and was always kind and approachable. I will use him again if I need a lawyer and I will tell a friend.


“I very highly recommend Attorney Robert Bialkin to you for any of your legal needs. Robert was recommended by a friend, and he did a superior job in guiding me through my bankruptcy. In helping me both with whether and how to file bankruptcy, Robert gladly and graciously answered all of my voluminous questions and phone calls. After fully assessing my situation and needs and providing me with exacting information and solutions, I was able to create a solid foundation of knowledge and process upon which I could make informed decisions. In the process, as I was learning how to handle harassing phone calls, what to do with my money and my assets, etc., Robert was there guiding me every step of the way. And when everything was finalized, my stress had disappeared and my hope had returned. Feeling free of stress and hopeful is priceless, and I have Robert Bialkin to thank for that. Robert is a very special attorney, and I know through experience that for any legal need, I will go to him. And so, I very highly recommend Attorney Robert Bialkin to you.”


“I felt that Robert was deliberate and thoughtful in his interactions with me. He was personable, always made me feel that he was on my side. When unanticipated complications arose, he tackled them patiently and without adding costs to our original contract. He prepared me well for court appearances so that I was not surprised by anything.”


“Robert really helped me get though a rough time, he worked with me and applied no pressure at all.


“When my finances were in tatters, Robert’s steady guidance really helped me keep it together while declaring bankruptcy. I was guided through the requirements each step of the way, including easiest and cheapest solutions for the coursework one has to complete to qualify. Robert’s advice and presence was also immensely helpful during the hearing. Looking back, it was a very smooth and well ordered process. I am very grateful to have had Robert’s excellent representation.


“Thank you so much for your assistance and guidance. We appreciate that you were able to solve the problem. Thank you again.”


“Mr. Bialkin, I am 63 year old, and I have retained many attorneys in my past for many things and you were by far the best, hardest working, most honest attorney that I have ever had working on my behalf, and you also have the most advanced support team at your right hand that I have ever seen, and your style of kindness is awesome, and so much of your make up. Anyone should be proud to have you represent them. May God bless you and your family in all of your adventures.”


“Made the whole process as simple and expedient as it could be. Always professional, courteous and upbeat. I would wholeheartedly recommend for any questions or law needs.”


“The first thing Robert did was to assure me that everything was going to be all right and that he would take control of the situation. He immediately got started on my case and encouraged me to put all my fears aside and trust that my interests were most important. He made me feel like I was his number one client. He continuously kept me updated via phone and e-mail and informed me immediately of any news regarding my case. The outcome of my case was very positive and everything was settled in a very short period of time. He honestly cares.”


“As I was shopping around for the right attorney to file bankruptcy for my first time, I had noticed nearly all of them were quick to quote me fees and charges before they went into the actual process involved in filing. To me, that made me very uncomfortable and questioned the integrity of these attorneys. After feeling as if I should just give up, I was referred to Robert Bialkin. A little weary of having another negative encounter, I scheduled a consultation. Robert must have seen the levels of concern and doubts in my eyes regarding, not only my previous encounters, but regarding whether or not I’m making the right decision. After discussing the process in great detail, Robert put all my fears at ease. He put me and my concerns first, before any costs were discussed. I felt confident I was doing the right thing with filing and he took all of my worries of “the unknown” away. Robert truly is the best of the best in his profession and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to file bankruptcy. He’s compassionate, caring, with you every step of the way, always available to talk with, speedy and thorough with the filing process. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience with a situation I had found so humbling. Thank you, Robert for your tremendous service and compassion for me, your client.”


“Robert Bialkin was my attorney during a bankruptcy that I had to file after losing my job during the recession. It was a very difficult thing for me to do and Robert handled it all very efficiently and with a kind a caring touch I wouldn’t have expected. I highly recommend him.”

Exceptional service! Robert is not only very Knowledgeable in his profession he’s well organized and compassionate. When I walked into his office, he immediately eased my fears of bankruptcy and proceeded to explain the process in depth in a way that was understandable. The whole experience was precise, speedy, and accurate. There was absolutely no missed step in the entire process. I highly recommend him to anyone who may be faced with a bankruptcy situation.

As far as my rating score, I never give a 5- star rating, as I feel it’s such an abused rating. His service is definitely 5- star!!!

Robert is a fantastic bankruptcy attorney. He very knowledgeable, efficient, and great with his clients. Robert always answers his phone, even on weekends! I would highly recommend him to anyone.

I met with Robert to discuss a very sensitive financial situation I encountered. Robert was instrumental in helping me find my way out of the economic mess I was in. Not only was he excellent as a bankruptcy attorney but he was also an all around excellent guy. I will be recommending him to friends or anyone that needs a Santa Rosa bankruptcy attorney.

I very highly recommend Attorney Robert Bialkin to you. He did a superior job in helping me with my bankruptcy. He was recommended to me by a friend, and I am thankful every day for that recommendation. In helping me both with Whether and how to file bankruptcy, Robert gladly answered all of my voluminous questions and phone calls and thus created a solid foundation of knowledge and process upon which I could make an informed decision. I was so relieved to learn how to handle harassing phone calls, my money any my assets, etc. And, in the process of working with Robert and filing my bankruptcy, to feel my massive stress decrease coupled with the regeneration of hope was worth its weight in gold. And now, I am on a new path. Thank you Robert, you were with me every step of the way, and with your wonderful help I have anew lease on life.

Robert is an excellent attorney and just a great guy. He takes such great care of everyone I refer to him. I am always impressed by how quickly he picks up or return my call and how he is always available when I have question. He is very strategic and creative and gets the job done. I well continue to recommend him.

We cannot say enough good things about our experience with Robert. His Knowledge and hard work made the process much easier than we had worried about. All of our questions were answered by Robert personally and he walked us through each step. We would recommend Robert for any legal needs they have.


“Robert is not your average attorney… He is not only very knowledgeable but is VERY AFFORDABLE and he answers his phone!!! I have dealt with a few attorneys in my life and he not only has made my experience easy but was great to deal with. When contacting him to meet, he would make time as soon as possible. He listened to my issues and made me feel very comfortable. He handled everything very professionally and couldn’t be happier with my experience.”