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Sonoma County Real Estate Properties

Sonoma County real estate is perhaps the best investment a family can make. Luther Burbank said, “I firmly believe, from what I have seen, that this is the chosen spot of all this earth as far as Nature is concerned.” Sonoma County, CA is one of the only places on earth that provides five different major forms of water: The Pacific Ocean, Russian River, Lake Sonoma, occasional snow, and underground geo-thermal hot spring geysers.

West Sonoma County is bordered by the Sonoma Coast and Pacific Ocean. East Sonoma County stretches through the Sonoma Valley of the Moon to the city of Sonoma. North Sonoma County is a convergence of three of the world’s finest wine growing regions, the Dry Creek Valley, Russian River Valley, and Alexander Valley. South Sonoma County is defined by the rolling hills and ranches along the Petaluma River. Sonoma County and California as a whole are the where the best, brightest, and most beautiful abound.

Santa Rosa Real Estate

Santa Rosa Real Estate Agent

 Rooftop Views, Santa Rosa CA

Fountain Grove Real Estate

Fountain Grove Real Estate Agent

 Hilltop Retirement Community, Fountain Grove CA

Sebastopol / West Sonoma County Real Estate

Sebastopol Real Estate Agent

 Lush Rolling Hills with Sandy Loam, Sebastopol CA

Windsor / North Sonoma County Real Estate

Windsor Real Estate Agent

 Town Green, Windsor CA

Healdsburg Real Estate

Healdsburg Real Estate Agent

 Spring Vineyards, Healdsburg CA

Russian River Valley Real Estate

Russian River Real Estate Agent

 Lake Sonoma Feeding the Russian River Valley, Healdsburg CA

Bodega Bay / Sonoma Coast Real Estate

Bodega Bay Real Estate Agent

Foggy Coastline with Golden Sun, Sonoma Coast CA

Oakmont / Sonoma Valley / East Sonoma County

Oakmont Real Estate Agent

 The Good Life, Sonoma CA

Petaluma / South Sonoma County Real Estate

Petaluma Real Estate Agent

 Petaluma Mill and River, Petaluma CA

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